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Bay Rd, Mt Gambier
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MRASA Postal Address
  The Motorcycle Riders Association (SA)
GPO Box 1895
Adelaide SA 5001
Current Office Bearers / Committee Positions for 2019
Position Name Phone Photo Details
Membership Secretary
Graeme Rawlins 0419 832 384
Road Safety Officer
Ebi Lux 0418 800 362
Magazine Editor
Public Officer
Harald Lindemann 0421 289 714 I've been a rider for 38 years, 30 of those with the MRASA. My idea of a good time is to head for the horizon by myself or with mates and see what new things I can discover about this great country of mine (or someone else's). Ask me about my next trip. I work for the MRASA because there is a lot of satisfaction in improving the motorcycling experience for all riders, even if most of the time they don't realise or acknowledge the gains we achieve on their behalf.
Register Liaison Officer
Cathy Lux 0408 853 380
Minutes Secretary Cathy Lux  
Publicity Officer vacant  
Stock Control Officer Amanda De Francesco
General Committee Frank DeFrancesco
Richard Furler
John Maidorn
Warren Hicks
Wayne Cook
Sub-Committee Representatives - Elected 2018
  Sub-committee are elected by their own groups at a meeting held shortly after the MRASA AGM.
The office holders below are the 2017 elected members.
Position Name Phone Photo Details
4B's Coordinator Greg Janzow 0400 056 056
SAMRATS Coordinator Ken King 0401 866 037 I went back to motor cycling in 2007 after not riding for more than 25 years. I tried out riding with a few clubs in Adelaide and found the Samrats to be the most friendly and inclusive mob of the lot partly due to the ride captain at that time, the most affable Mr Jock. After several years Jock became too sick to ride and as one of the regulars I took over as Samrats ride coordinator. The other ride captains and I wish to keep the tradition going of a friendly, good vibes, great social rides club who meet every second Sunday and have a ride together around the hills, up north, down south out east or where ever. Sometimes the rides are shorter and sometimes longer but either way we have a great time. See ya on a Sunday real soon or see ya on the road.
SA Scooters Coordinator Frank De Francesco 0412 937 606
Toy Run Coordinator Harald Lindemann 0421 289 714
Other Representatives
  Other representatives not defined in the constitution.
Position Name Phone Details
AMC Representative Ebi Lux 0418 800 362 Other delegates have been appointed
Toy Run Site Coordinator Cathy Lux 0408 853 380
Blood Run Coordinator Cathy Lux 0408 853 380
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