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Motorcycle Helmets in South Australia
  Australian Standards for Helmets

South Australia needs to recognise European Reg ECE 22-05 helmets.

The MRASA has long been campaigning for alternatives to the Australian Standard for helmets.

Maintaining the status quo will not allow progress and riders lives are a pawn in this. Queensland got the ball rolling by allowing riders to wear ECE 22-05 helmets and has been followed by Victoria and the Northern Territory. NSW has stated they will permit ECE 22-05 for use as soon as the Federal Government and Australian Consumer and Competition Commission approve their sale by local retailers.

This raises two major points. Why do we need to do anything and why does the Federal Government and the ACCC need to be involved in South Australian Road Rules?

The answer is simple. Riders should be able to wear the best helmet available and know the helmet will do its job. Recently a South Australian rider died after a low speed incident when his helmet with an Australian Standard compliant sticker catastrophically failed. The MRASA, the AMC's Helmet Sub Committee, SAPOL Major Crash, and the ACCC all played their role in these helmets being withdrawn from sale. The helmets with an approved test sticker should never have been sold. This is a clear indication our current system is flawed.

Phil McClelland, MRASA President   

  MRASA Funds Independent Testing

The MRASA recently provided seed funding for independent testing of a batch of helmets Certified to the Australian Standard. A number of helmets failed testing. This testing confirms there are flaws in the processes used for approving helmets to the Australian Standard. Paperwork and reality are different. We have lost confidence in Australian standards certification processes.

Helmets in compliance with ECE 22-05 are subject to a series of clear testing steps in a transparent regulatory process with checks and balances before being certified. We have confidence in the European certification process.

There are differences in the standards, differences in the specification of technical requirements of the helmet. The ECE 22-05 requirements are based on extensive, ongoing public health studies of head injuries to riders. The Australian Standard is not.

Myths and half-truths used in advertising do not protect riders.

Phil McClelland, MRASA President   

  Consumer Protection Notice No. 9

Why do the Federal Government and the ACCC need to be involved in South Australian Road Rules?

Consumer Protection Notice No.9 (CPN No.9), issued 10 December 1990, is the Commonwealth Government legal instrument that mandates Australian Standard AS 1698-1988 as the declared product safety Standard for motorcycle helmets offered for sale in Australia.

Consumer Law in each state and territory reflect and require this. Currently, it is an offence to sell a helmet unless it complies with this 1988 standard. There are no helmets available in the market that comply.

Road Rules in SA require you to wear a helmet that is illegal to sell under Australian Consumer Law. European helmets in compliance with ECE 22-05 are just as illegal to sell in Australia.

Phil McClelland, MRASA President   

  MRASA Recommendation

We recommend the Commonwealth government to amend the Australian Consumer Law to permit sale of European helmets.

We recommend the Commonwealth to review certification process requirements and to take a more active role in determining whether the paperwork for certification reflects reality.

  AMC Media Release - 5 November 2015

The new Chairman of the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) Mr Peter Baulch has issued the following media release calling for uniform rules for Motorcycle helmets.

  helmet standards

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