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MRASA Website Changes
  Documenting Updates and Changes to the Website

The MRASA website has a significant amount of content, which is being updated each and every month. This page has been created to document the changes to enable users to more easily find what has been added and updated. The list is dated, most recent changes at the top. This list will not include housekeeping activities or regular updates such as ride dates and destinations. The list began in January 2015.
Date Page Details
Mar 2018 SAMRATS Page Next three months rides posted
Mar 2018 Home Page National Road Rules Announcement
Mar 2018 Home Page GLS proposal article updated
Mar 2018 Home Page Updated article on Drink and Drug driving laws with the dates new laws will commence
Mar 2018 Home Page Posted an item as requested by the ACC regarding footpath parking guidelines
Mar 2018 Footpath Parking Page Posted an item as requested by the ACC regarding footpath parking guidelines
Mar 2018 Toy Run Page Published the thank you letter from Vinnies for Toy Run 2017
Feb 2018 Home Page Article on changes to SA laws on drink and drug driving
Feb 2018 Home Page Ridden-on Ride announced, also on Ridden-on page and SAMRATS page
Feb 2018 SAMRATS Page Recent ride reports posted
Feb 2018 GLS Page New page with GLS information (available after submission completed)
Feb 2018 Contacts Page Updated with office bearers for the 2018 year
Feb 2018 Home Page GLS public consultation announced, combined with relevant information
Jan 2018 Achievements Page Updated with recent activities. End Note also updated.
Jan 2018 Home Page Announcement of the proposed new laws wrt drink and drug driving offenses
Jan 2018 SAMRATS Ride Report Ride Report from Ken for ride on 07 January
Jan 2018 SAMRATS Upcoming First quarter rides posted for 2018
Dec 2017 Photo Gallery Over 190 pictures posted so far
Dec 2017 Toy Run Page Show and Shine Winner
Dec 2017 Members Only December Centrestand posted
Dec 2017 Rallies Page Rallies for 2018 posted (details to be confirmed)
Dec 2017 Toy Run Page Maps and other info regarding the 2017 run removed
Dec 2017 Toy Run Page Post Toy Run items posted, including 2017 media links
Nov 2017 Meetings Page AGM announcement, updated proxy and nomination forms
Nov 2017 Toy Run Page Updated Victoria Park map
Nov 2017 Toy Run Page St Vincent de Paul media release for 2017
Oct 2017 Home Page Image created to advertise Lane Filtering is legal, including summary notes
Oct 2017 Home Page Operation Safe Hills announcement by SAPOL and their list of safety tips
Oct 2017 Home Page Posted a link to the three new videos on helmets created by the MCC of NSW
Oct 2017 Gallery Added album for the SAS October Ride
Oct 2017 Home Page AMC backs protective clothing research
Oct 2017 Samrats Upcoming Page Ride calendar for October to December published
Sept 2017 Toy Run Page The 2017 Toy Run poster makes it debut on the website
Sept 2017 Merchandise Page The revised 2017 stock order form has arrived
Sept 2017 Scooter Page Changes to two ride start locations
Sept 2017 Toy Run and Home Page Marshal training dates announced
Sept 2017 Home Page Article on recent fatalities and pre-ride checklist
Sept 2017 Centrestand Page Posted December 2016 and March 2017 issues
Sept 2017 Footpath Parking Update to the Adelaide CBD Footpath Parking page (consolidation)
Sept 2017 Samrats Eulogy for ride captain Jim
Sept 2017 Toy Run Page Added current information relating to the 2017 Toy Run
Sept 2017 Home Page New quick links provided to lane filtering and helmets pages
Sept 2017 Helmets Page Information consolidated from news, road safety and home page
Sept 2017 Toy Run and Home page Toy Run Media Release - Official notification of Toy Run date for 2017
Sept 2017 Blood Run Page September run start location is Bunnings Churchill Road
Sept 2017 Home & Meetings Announcement of MRASA General Meeting
Sept 2017 Home Page Survey on attitudes to road safety management
Sept 2017 Home Page Classic Owners MCC - Mill to Mill ride
Sept 2017 Samrats Page Recognition of SAMRATS ride captain Jim
July 2017 Blood Run Page September run posted
July 2017 4Bs Update on 4Bs situation with RAH and photo
July 2017 SAMRATS Upcoming Next 3 months of rides posted
June 2017 MRG Page Report of May meeting published
June 2017 Blood Run Page July Blood run published
June 2017 Rallies Page Z Owners Rally to Burra
May 2017 Home Page ACC press release on motorcycle parking updates in Adelaide CBD
May 2017 Many Pages Updated multiple pages with the revised date for the 2017 MRASA Toy Run - 3rd Dec
Apr 2017 Home Page Posted item on General Meeting and National Road Rules
Apr 2017 Meetings Page Date of the General Meeting
Apr 2017 Blood Run Details of April run posted
Apr 2017 Lane Filtering Page updated to include details of the legislation changes
Apr 2017 Samrats Upcoming Ride details for next three months
Apr 2017 Gallery Photos for SAS March Ride
Apr 2017 Home Page Removed expired events, updated link to MR808 document
Mar 2017 Home Page Blazeaid 2017 flyer and information
Mar 2017 Home Page F1 GP screening at Mt Barker
Mar 2017 Home Page Dirt Road Training Course - first course for 2017
Mar 2017 Contacts Page Sub-Committee positions updated
Feb 2017 Ridden-on Page Ridden-on ride for 2017 is 9th April, all related pages updated
Feb 2017 Home Page In Case of Emergency article re-posted
Feb 2017 Home Page Information and links for Phoenix MCC and their 2017 race calendar
Feb 2017 Home Page Removed AGM announcement and supportive notes
Feb 2017 Contacts Page Updated with 2017 office bearers, reformatted to align to constitution
Jan 2017 Scooters Upcoming Page 2017 ride calendar posted
Jan 2017 Members Only Page 2017 Proxy form (combined with instructions) posted
Jan 2017 All Pages Date in footer updated
Jan 2017 Blood Run Page January 14th run posted
Jan 2017 Achievements Page Added new page of achievements of the MRASA
Jan 2017 Samrats Upcoming Rides Updated with Q1 2017 Rides
Jan 2017 Rallies Page Updated with 2017 Rallies
Jan 2017 Centrestand Page Updated with recent issues
Dec 2016 Footpath Parking Page New page collecting recent articles on footpath parking in one place
Dec 2016 Home Page Some images updated
Dec 2016 Meetings Page Updated with dates for 2017 meetings
Dec 2016 AMC Page Rewritten content - report from 3 years ago removed
Dec 2016 Discounts Page Removed some entries
Dec 2016 Links Page Removed some dead links and merged weather links onto this page
Dec 2016 Removed Pages Some webpages removed, others consolidated, some basic re-organisation
Dec 2016 MRG Page Collected all MRG articles and put on one page. Link added to News menu item
Dec 2016 All Pages Updated the description collected by organic harvesting
Dec 2016 Toy Run Page Changed colour scheme and main image for 2017
Dec 2016 Photo Gallery Added photos received for the 2016 MRASA Toy Run
Dec 2016 Home Page Added items pre Toy Run, and removed them after Toy Run
Dec 2016 Home Page Helmet Sticker announced, and many other items removed
Dec 2016 Home Page Royal Flying Doctor Service article - MRASA donation
Dec 2016 Toy Run Page Updated pre Toy Run, and again after Toy Run
Nov 2016 Toy Run Page Updated the public safety policies
Nov 2016 Toy Run FAQ Page Launch of the new Toy Run Frequently Asked Questions page
Nov 2016 Lane Filtering Page Added matrix of considerations, and RSO report from MRG meeting
Oct 2016 Toy Run Page Toy Run 2016 poster (png and pdf versions)
Oct 2016 Meetings Page 4Bs meeting venue updated
Oct 2016 Rallies and TR Page Added flyer for FTMA Port Pirie Toy Run
Oct 2016 Home Page Added Clare Valley Cruise, 30th October
Oct 2016 Rallies Page Added Redback Tourers event at Overland Corner
Oct 2016 Home Page Shannons supported events leading up to Christmas 2016
Sept 2016 Toy Run Page Port Pirie and Riverland Toy Run dates provided
Sept 2016 Gallery SAS Ride September 2016 - Album added
Sept 2016 Toy Run Page Roxby Downs Toy Run 2016 Flyer added
Sept 2016 Home Page Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix event at Mt Barker cinema
Sept 2016 Toy Run Page Marshal Training Dates Announced
Sept 2016 Lane Filtering Page Lane Filtering Matrix for each state
Sept 2016 Home Page Lane Filtering Update
Sept 2016 Toy Run Page Various Updates
Sept 2016 Lane Filtering Page Update on Status of Position Statement
August 2016 Home Page Call for Marshals at the Toy Run
August 2016 Home Page Lane Filtering Position Statement
July 2016 Samrats Upcoming Updated Ride info
July 2016 Links Page Blood Alcohol Content calculator updated
July 2016 Scooters Upcoming August Club Ride updated, new ride details
July 2016 Home Page July 30 Blood Run announced
July 2016 Blood Run Page July 30 Blood Run details
July 2016 Home Page In Case of Emergency (ICE) Information
July 2016 Gallery SAS July Ride photos uploaded to gallery
July 2016 SAMRATS July 17 ride report and upcoming run for July 24 posted
June 2016 Home Page Update to Motorcycle Parking in the CBD
June 2016 Meetings Page Meeting Dates updated
June 2016 Home Page Election 2016
June 2016 Home Page Volunteers Day
May 2016 Meetings Page Meetings location updated - MCA hall, Beulah Park
May 2016 Rallies Page Sidecar Rally at Mannahill - Flyer added
May 2016 Links Page Top 4 Driving Distractions to avoid
May 2016 Rallies Page SA Rangers Rally at Farina - Flyer added
May 2016 Gallery Photos from SAS May Ride
May 2016 Home Page Helmet cut in half
May 2016 Home Page Helmet Standards Forum report from Guy Stanford
Apr 2016 Home Page Old articles removed, added ECE 22.05 announcement
Apr 2016 Rallies Page Flyer for the Great Escape Rally added
Apr 2016 Home Page Added pictures to calendar links to make them more obvious
Apr 2016 Home Page Added link to ABC iview stream of Catalyst episode
Mar 2016 Rallies Page Added Flyer for the Roaming Swagman Rally
Mar 2016 Home Page Kangaroo Creek Dam Safety Upgrade affecting Gorge Road
Mar 2016 Home Page Dirt Road training course item updated
Mar 2016 Home Page Photo updated for ACC motorcycle parking trial
Mar 2016 Home Page Proposed Helmet Legislation
Mar 2016 Home Page ABC Catalyst Episode on Motorcycle Safety Gear
Mar 2016 Rallies Page Links and dates for Black Dog Rides
Mar 2016 Blood Run Page May 2016 date announced
Mar 2016 Meetings Page Meeting dates updated, venue changed for March CM
Feb 2016 Ridden-on Page Details of regional runs announced
Feb 2016 Rallies Page Roaming Swagman venue updated
Feb 2016 Home Page Dirt Road Training course announced
Feb 2016 Home Page Motorcycle footpath parking trial in Adelaide CBD
Feb 2016 Home Page Coast FM acknowledgement and link
Feb 2016 Rallies Page Posts and flyers for Rivergum Rally, Wunkar Rally and VVCMC Rally
Jan 2016 Rallies Page 2016 Rallies posted
Jan 2016 Gallery SAS Jan 2016 photos uploaded
Jan 2016 Ridden-on Ride Page 2016 Ride Date Announced
Jan 2016 SAS Upcoming Ride Page 2016 Rides Posted
Jan 2016 Samrats Page Q1 Rides Posted
Jan 2016 Meetings Page Meeting dates for 2016 - those to hand
Dec 2015 Home Page AGM Announced for 2016
Dec 2015 Toy Run Page Show and Shine winner for 2015
Dec 2015 Blood Run Page Posted date and location for Feb 2016 Blood Run
Dec 2015 Members Area Posted the December issue of Centrestand
Dec 2015 Centerstand Page Posted the September issue of Centrestand
Nov 2015 Helmets Page Updated with AMC Media Release
Nov 2015 Home Page Motorcycle Parking on Footpaths Trial in ACC
Nov 2015 Home Page Melbourne City Council Transport Strategy
Nov 2015 Toy Run Page Victoria Park map updated
Oct 2015 Members Area Uploaded September 2015 Centrestand Magazine
Oct 2015 Centrestand Page June 2015 Centrestand Magazine available
Oct 2015 Laws and Changes Page link provided to helmets page
Oct 2015 Helmets Page new page posted on laws and changes with respect to helmets
Oct 2015 Road Safety Page Link provided to SAPOL Road Rules
Oct 2015 Blood Run Page November blood run announced
Oct 2015 Home Page Returning Rider Course announced
Oct 2015 Home Page Call for Traffic Marshals
Oct 2015 Toy Run Page Traffic Marshal training dates announced
Oct 2015 Home Page First Aid Course for Motorcyclists
Oct 2015 News Page Motorcycle ABS Research and Media Release
Sept 2015 News Page Articles on Lane Filtering consolidated and updated (following Vic announcement)
Sept 2015 Toy Run Page Updated for 2015, flyer added
Sept 2015 Registers Page Reworded after the close of the South-East Register
Sept 2015 News Page Updated article on timed motorcycle parks in Adelaide CBD
Sept 2015 Home Page Returning Rider Course announcement
Sept 2015 Members Only Page Digital Centrestand Editions updated
Sept 2015 Road Safety Page Added two links near bottom of page regarding pavement marking
Aug 2015 Gallery Added SAS photos from their August ride
Aug 2015 Laws and Changes Page Link Added to New Anti-skid Road Plates Page
Aug 2015 Anti Skid Road Plates New page created documenting the situation with anti-skid road plates
Aug 2015 Merchandise Page Removed items no longer available, and added postage costs
Aug 2015 Home Page Added item for ACCC letter on consumer rights on finance and insurance
Aug 2015 ARR271 Page Added an update following the release of the 11th package for discussion
July 2015 Contacts Page Link to Send Email page
July 2015 Send Email Page Created new page for sending an Email to Committee Members
June 2015 News Page Added two photos of slippery metal road plates
June 2015 Home Page Item on R2R digital protest on helmet standards in SA
June 2015 Road Safety Page Link to CASR report archives
June 2015 Gallery SAS Birthday ride photos uploaded
June 2015 Honour Roll Page Updated with 2015 committee
May 2015 Website Changes Page Created a new page documenting key website updates
May 2015 Home Page Book - Bikers A-Z Survival Bible by Steve Lambert
May 2015 Road Safety Page Update to point to point cameras article regarding no-overtaking signs.
Added link to motorcycle safety e-Book (American)
May 2015 Press Release Page Item on Road Rule 299 (GPS on a motorcycle) posted
May 2015 Gallery Photos from a recent Scooter Club run were added to the gallery
Apr 2015 Home Page Motorcycle Security Survey
Apr 2015 Laws and Changes Page A new webpage detailing motorcycling laws and changes to highlight the efforts of the MRA and to document the activities and current situation with motorcycling laws.
Apr 2015 Road Safety Page Publication of Austroads Document and link to questionnaire
Apr 2015 Home Page Anti-Skid Surface on steel road plates.
Timed motorcycle parking in Adelaide CBD.
DPTI Motorcycle Reference Group Meeting report.
Mar 2015 Home Page Added Crime Stoppers Phone-in Day.
Added Ride to Review SA Motorcycle Laws item
Mar 2015 News Page Australian Christian Motorcycle Clubs and Associations Conference statement.
Australian Helmet Laws item with two linked documents.
Footpath Parking in Adelaide CBD item with link to Adelaide Now article
Feb 2015 Rallies Page Updates to the paragraph on riders and organisers responsibilities
Feb 2015 Ridden-on Ride Page Updated the text for this years event, added photos
Feb 2015 Home Page Removed past events (Blazeaid, AGM, Hendrik Gout book launch)
Feb 2015 Contacts Page Updated with 2015/2016 committee members
Jan 2015 Rallies Page Paragraph updated to inform participants they need their own insurance etc for non MRA rides
Jan 2015 Home Page Jeff Fereday book added, Ride for Blazeaid, AGM notice, Hendrik Gout book launch added. 4 older notices transferred to news page.
Jan 2015 Gallery New albums - Toy Run 2014, Show and Shine 2014, Yamaha World
Jan 2015 SAMRATS home page Ride Guidelines published - written by Ken King
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