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  End of an Era - Jan 2014

The MRASA forum was a phbb forum available for all to meet and chat online about all things motorcycling related, and some not so related. It was suggested at the January committee meeting that the MRASA forum be switched off due to lack of activity.

On the 15th February 2014 the MRASA forum was removed from the Internet. A full backup of the forum including posts and users has been archived with other MRASA historical information.

I would like to officially recognise the efforts of our good friend Jock who used this and other mediums to go about his wonderful work with the MRASA, your work will not be forgotton. Thank you to all those who have used the forum and have participated for the benefit of others. Also, a big thanks to the past and present administrators and moderators who have given their own time to make this forum work.

Graeme - Forum Administrator

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