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Bike at Toy Run 2012
Motorcycle Rallies
  The MRASA provides advertising space to organisers who wish to put on rally events for motorcyclists. Going to a rally is like going camping with your motorcycle. Rallies range from 'back to basic' events, where you provide everything from water, wood and toilet paper, up to fully catered events where you can buy your every need. Please check with the event organisers so you can ascertain the level of comfort before going.

If you would like your rally or run listed on this page, please email the details to the Webmaster (see contacts page).

Most of the events below are not run by the MRA. Riders participating in organised rides will need their own insurance, and must not assume responsibility of the event organiser, even though the organiser has some legal liability for the ride participants.

SAMRATS arrange rides to some rallies & events; see the SAMRATS home page or the SAMRATS upcoming rides page.
Runs and Rallies
  Here is a short list of the rallies remaining for 2018. Please contact the organiser to confirm the details on this page.

The Flinders Tourers are holding a memorial ride on Sunday July 29th departing Port Pirie with a destination of Laura. Contact Cathy on 0408 853 380 for more details.

The Wombat Rally is at Bowman Park, Crystal Brook on 10-12 August. The site is around 4km north east of Crystal Brook on the Crystal Brook Valley Road.

The Peregrine Rally will be held at the Jabuk Reserve on August 24-26, contact for more details.

The SA Tourers are heading to the Gulnare Pub on September 7-9, for more details contact the pub 8662 6202.

Ghost Town Rally at Copi Hollow is from September 7-9, contact Chickenman 0419 983 193

For details on the Koolunga Pub Rally contact Andy Burford on 8846 6181

The Oasis at Paruna is on the SA long weekend September 28 to October 1, give Bear a call on 0407 394 322

The Redback Tourers are heading to the Overland Corner Pub on October 13-14, call Pete on 0437 930 699

Fish Holes in Portland on November 9 - 11, call 0412 838 765 for details

MacArthur Rally Victoria will be at the MacArthur football oval from Nov 23-25. Call Tige on 0400 129 299 or Tracta Ranga on 0487 812 309

The initial list provided by Andrew and Marlene has been removed due to public complaint over spelling errors. If you want a copy of this original list, contact the webmaster. No responsibility taken for date changes. Please check with individual organisers for last minute changes.
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