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SAMRATS Upcoming Rides 2017
  Below is a list of organised SAMRATS rides. Additional ride information may be provided, and will be in PDF format. Left click the details link in the more info column to view the page onscreen, or right click and choose 'Save Target As' to download a copy.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these additional details. Other SAMRATS pages include the SAMRATS home page and ride reports page which are also available on the menu above.

Please assemble at the meeting location 30 minutes prior to departure time. For more information phone Ken on 0401 866 037. Rides may be adjusted due to weather or other factors.

Please take note - ride calendar changes are shown in red. Like this.

Date Event Organiser Destination Depart Meet at More Info
Apr 2 Sunday Ride Ian Mannum 10.00am Crafers Deli Details
Apr 9 Ridden-on Ride Second Valley 10.00am Victoria Hotel
Main South Road, O'Halloran Hill
Apr 16 No Ride
Apr 23 Sunday Ride Alex Milang 10.00am BP St Mary's Details
Apr 30 Sunday Ride Jim Blanchetown 10.00am BP Glenunga Details
May 7 No Ride
May 14 Sunday Ride Ian Goolwa 10.00am Crafers Deli Details
May 21 Sunday Ride Ken Karoonda 10.00am BP Mount Barker Details
May 28 Sunday Ride Jim Normanville 10.00am BP Belair Details
June 4 No Ride
June 11 Sunday Ride Ian Williamstown 10.00am BP Newton Details
June 18 No Ride
June 25 Sunday Ride Jim 3 Ferries to Mannum 10.00am BP Evandale Details
  Most of the events above are run by the MRA (Samrats). Riders participating in non MRA rides (organised by others *) will need their own insurance, and must not assume responsibility of the event organiser, even though the organiser has some legal liability for the ride participants.

SAMRATS Ride Guidelines
  Below are some guidelines used for SAMRATS Rides.
Here is a document outlining the SAMRATS Group Riding Guidelines published by Ken King.

Hot Weather
The general guidelines for hot weather is that rides may be cancelled if the forecast temperature is over 35C, and are usually cancelled if over 38C. The prevailing conditions (like wind and direction) and ride destination (north, south, hills) will also be a consideration.

The ride captain of the day has ultimate discretion on cancelling a ride due to weather. If you are uncertain please contact the ride captain if possible before heading out. If the ride captain formally cancels a ride, we will attempt to publish this information by 6pm on the evening before ride day.

SAMRATS Warning and Disclaimer
  Persons participating in rides and/or events organised by The MRA are reminded that motorcycling is a high risk activity and that accidents can and do happen. The organisation of this event was conducted as a free public service by the MRA. All participating riders of this event are expected to be licensed and to ride at their own risk and insurance policies. All machines must be registered and roadworthy. All road rules are to be adhered to and any form of unruly behaviour will not be accepted.

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