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Archived Articles for 2022
  Welcome to the site of the Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia.
This page is an archive of selected articles from our home page during 2022.

Notification of MRASA Inc. Annual General Meeting for 2022
  The Annual General Meeting of the MRASA Inc. will be held at 7pm on Monday 21st February 2022 at the MSA Hall, 251 The Parade, Beulah Park.

All positions of the Association listed below will be declared vacant and the following positions on the 2022-2023 committee will be filled through election.
  • President (Executive committee member)
  • Vice President (Executive committee member)
  • Secretary (Executive committee member)
  • Treasurer (Executive committee member)
  • Road Safety Officer
  • Minutes Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Membership Secretary
  • Register Liaison Officer
  • Stock Control Officer
  • General Committee Representatives (number unspecified until the AGM)
  • Magazine Editor
At this meeting the Auditor for the 2022-2023 year will be appointed. All current financial members of the MRASA Inc are eligible to stand for election to one or more of the positions. Nominations should be in writing to the Secretary of the Association prior to the beginning of the AGM and evidence of current membership must be provided. All members are invited to attend the meeting.

A proxy form allows you to nominate another financial member to vote on your behalf. The nomination form will allow you to nominate yourself or another financial member for a position on the committee. These forms are available using the links below.

Proxy Form 2022 (form and information combined)
Nomination Form 2022 (A4 with two forms per page)

Sub Committee representatives to the MRASA committee include
  • Toy Run
  • Scooter Club
  • 4Bs
and will be elected by the sub-committee at meetings held within 4 weeks of the AGM.

Rallies 2022
  This year's Great Escape Rally will be held from the 27th to the 29th May 2022.
The Peregrine Rally will be held from the 26th to the 28th August 2022.
Ridden on Ride - 10 April 2022
  This year's Ridden on Ride will be held on Sunday 10th April 2022. The ride will mob up at the Victoria Hotel Car Park, Main South Road, O'Halloran Hill from 8.30am for a 10.00am ride off. Please check the ride details available from the SAMRATS upcoming rides page for the most current information. Please be ready to move your machine at exactly 10.00am so as to ride in a group as we exit from the car park.
Vale David Vaselli

It is with heavy heart we advise that one of our Life Members, David Vaselli, has passed away.

Prior to moving to Queensland, David had been involved in MRA operations in one way or another. He was part of the main Committee in 1993 as the Run Coordinator and continued for many years to support the MRASA. His funeral service will be held at

9.45 a.m. Saturday, 19 March 2022
Sacred Heart Church, 252 Port Road, Hindmarsh
(Peter Elberg Funerals)

David wished for a biker's funeral, or at least a run of some kind. Members (past and present) of the MRA are invited to participate in the ride. David's son, Michael would like the MRA to escort the hearse carrying David's body from his Mum's home in Seaton to the Church before the funeral service and from the Church to the crematorium afterwards.

Please be ready to leave at 9 a.m. from Findon Shopping Centre, corner of Grange and Findon Roads. We would like as many bikes as possible please, to honour David for his service to the MRASA.

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