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Callington Oval #2, 2014 Toy Run
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Riding Safe on the Road - SA Motor Winter 2021

MRASA road safety advocate Harald Lindemann was interviewed by RAA Magazine with respect to riding safe on the road. View the magazine online or click on these links to view the article screenshots.

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MRASA Toy Run - 12 December 2021
  The Toy Run in 2021 will be held on Sunday December 12 - as usual on the second Sunday in December.

Due to the continuing uncertainty regarding major events because of Covid-19 the Toy Run Committee has decided that as in 2020 it will plan for a Toy Run that includes the Ride to the fair at Callington Oval but will keep open other options for the Toy Run open including the 'Drop & Go' style Toy Run that was so successful last year.

The MRASA acknowledges that riders were disappointed in 2020 that the Toy Run couldn't go ahead as originally planned and understands the high regard in which the event is held by riders, especially the opportunity to ride together en masse. Be assured we will do our best to to make this happen in 2021. If this doesn't pan out it's because we consider the health of our community paramount and want to do out bit to keep everyone healthy. And remember why we do it in the first place. The Toy Run - 'IT'S FOR THE KIDS'. It will still be a time of giving for for all of us, even if we can't ride together.

We will continue to post updates as new information comes to hand, both here and on the Toy Run Facebook page.

Harald Lindemann - 2021 Toy Run Coordinator   

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The mid-year General Meeting will be held in July 2021.


























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