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Callington Oval #2, 2014 Toy Run
43rd MRASA Toy Run - 12 December 2021
  The Toy Run in 2021 will be held on Sunday December 12 - as usual on the second Sunday in December.

Due to the continuing uncertainty regarding major events because of Covid-19 the Toy Run Committee has decided that as in 2020 it will plan for a Toy Run that includes the Ride to the fair at Callington Oval but will keep open other options for the Toy Run open including the 'Drop & Go' style Toy Run that was so successful last year.

The MRASA acknowledges that riders were disappointed in 2020 that the Toy Run couldn't go ahead as originally planned and understands the high regard in which the event is held by riders, especially the opportunity to ride together en masse. Be assured we will do our best to to make this happen in 2021. If this doesn't pan out it's because we consider the health of our community paramount and want to do out bit to keep everyone healthy. And remember why we do it in the first place. The Toy Run - 'IT'S FOR THE KIDS'. It will still be a time of giving for for all of us, even if we can't ride together.

We will continue to post updates as new information comes to hand, both here and on the Toy Run Facebook page.

Harald Lindemann
MRASA Toy Run Coordinator 2021
Toy Run Marshal Training
This event is supporting St Vincent de Paul
  St Vincent de Paul is the major beneficiary of the annual MRASA Toy Run. It's for the kids.

  St Vincent de Paul

Thank you for your support
  Government of SA

  The South Australian Government was the major partner of the MRASA Toy Run for 2020.
We would like to acknowledge the support of the following businesses and organisations.
Key sponsors are also shown on the sponsors page.
  Government of South Australia
Mt Barker Council
Mt Barker Freightlines
Callington Recreation Park Inc
First Care Medical
Vale Signs
Viking Rentals
Coast FM
Modbury Press

Think SA Government

More Information
  If you need more information about the MRASA Toy Run, or maybe you wish to become a sponsor, then please contact Cathy Lux by ringing 0408 853 380 or via Email. There is a page of frequently asked questions available.

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MRASA Warning and Disclaimer
  Persons participating in rides and/or events organised by The MRA are reminded that motorcycling is a high risk activity and that accidents can and do happen. The organisation of this event was conducted as a free public service by the MRA. All participating riders of this event are expected to be licensed and to ride at their own risk and insurance policies. All machines must be registered and roadworthy. All road rules are to be adhered to and any form of unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.

Glenelg, 2010 Toy Run

Hahndorf oval, 2010 Toy Run

Oval #2, 2012 Toy Run

Oval #2, 2013 Toy Run
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