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Welcome to the SA Scooter Club (aka SAS)
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Other Scooters pages include the upcoming rides and ride reports which are also available on the menu.
Who we are
  As one of the social arms of the MRASA, the South Australian Scooter Club welcomes machines of many makes and models. We promote the benefits of motor scooters and emphasise the riding syle that suits these machines. We are all riding enthusiasts who love to be on 2 wheels (sometimes 3).

Our rides vary from our fixed monthly ride (every 3rd Sunday) to over-night rides, and sometimes extend to interstate tours. The SAS is a great way to meet friends, learn from each other and enjoy experiences in a non competitive atmosphere. We all never stop learning and promote education, so we ask all riders to be motorbike licensed, wear appropriate safety gear and have machines capable of maintaining posted speed limits. So if you would like to have a lot of fun, come and join us and the MRASA. Guests are welcome.
  Club contacts are:
Club Coordinator - Frank de Francesco - 0412 937 606 (after hours)
Ride Coordinators - Frank de Francesco, Phil Creer and Eric Clapham
or contact the club via Email
Where to now
  Visit the membership page, or fill in the membership form online, or view the PDF form you can post in. You can obtain one from SAS or MRASA riders, send it in and you are part of the new scootering movement. Make sure you visit the Upcoming Rides often and participate in our online forum to make friends and ask questions.
Subscribe to our Email List
  If you would like to subscribe to the Scooters Email list, please enter your name and email address into the Subscription Form and click appropriate subscription button.
Online Social Media Forums
  You are welcome to contribute to the SAS Scooter Forum via the following social media forums.
The SA Scooter have facebook and twitter forums, click on the links below for direct access.

SAS Facebook   SAS Twitter
SAS Links
  SAS seek as much assistance as possible with sponsorship, advertisment and assistance. We aim to acknowledge those who have assisted us here.
  GC Motorcycles
City Scoots
Scooter Sales
SAS Group Riding Guidelines
  Here is a link to a pdf document for SAS Group Riding Guidelines. Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines before joining in on one of our rides.
  To help with increasing membership and our power to influence, there are business card size flyers available from Phil. Feel free to grab some and give it to any scooter riders you see on the road. Our new A5 Flyer is available to download. Great to hand out to other riders or dealers.
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