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Callington Oval #2, 2014 Toy Run
  Welcome to the site of the Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia. The MRASA is the recognised voice for motorcycling with the Government. Please visit our about page for more information on what the MRASA is about.
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New Toy Run Merchandise
  The MRASA is pleased to announce a new merchandise item for the 2023 Toy Run. Earrings fashioned from unsold Toy Run badges are going to be the must have thing for this year event. Buy yours from the merchandise tent for just $10.

Updated Helmet Legislation
  As of the 31st August 2023 it is legal to use an ECE 22.06 standard approved helmet in South Australia.

The MRASA is pleased to announce that the ECE 22.06 standard has been approved for use by the SA Government. Please refer to the updated page on My Licence website. For more information, visit our Helmet Information page.

Motorcycle Observation and Awareness Guide
  The motorcycle observation and awareness guide has been created by Stephen Bardsley. This guide targets all road users and has been prepared to inform and encourage a new approach to motorcycle rider awareness and road safety. It's goals are to:

  • assist drivers to better understand the importance of sharing roads with motorcycles
  • explain to drivers how a riders life can depend on their actions and reactions
  • inform drivers what are the causes of many accidents involving motorcycles
  • provide drivers with tips regarding motorcycle awareness, observation and safety
  • show drivers how improved motorcycle awareness & observation can save the lives of and prevent serious injuries to motorcycle riders
Road safety should be an equal and shared responsibility of all road users. Understanding other road users can make roads safer for all. Please search for this document online, you will find a copy available on Stephen's Linked-in page.

45th MRASA Toy Run - 10 Dec 2023
Toy Run Mashals
  This year's MRASA Toy Run will be held on Sunday 10th December. An event of this size cannot take place without having enough marshals to help with the huge number of tasks. If you were a marshal at some stage previously, we would love to hear from you again to help with this year's Run. If you have never been a marshal, but would like to help, please contact Cathy or Ebi via the contacts page. Without marshals the Toy Run as we know it will need to change or may even cease. Without marshals and volunteers to help with setting up, managing and closing down the Toy Run the event cannot go ahead. Volunteers are getting fewer each year so if you want the Toy Run to survive, then please volunteer to help out.

Toy Run Marshal Training
  We are desperate for Volunteers this year. There are many positions to be filled. If you are interested, please contact Ian 0427 334 843 or Cathy 0408 853 380.

Training Session 2
Saturday 18th November at 9.30 am. SAPOL training first, followed by MRASA tour of the venue and training. The meeting point (changed) is Fullarton Rd Carpark behind the Heritage Grandstand (near the Britannia roundabout).

Toy Run Ride Coordinator
  Do you know how to organise a large number of riders, to ride in a protective formation? If so, we need you as the person to co-ordinate and instruct the lead groups on how to ride the Toy Run effectively and safely. Please contact Cathy via the contacts page to find out more details on this exciting opportunity.

SAMRATS Ride Group Leaders
  Do you enjoy motorcycle group riding and know your way around the hills and surrounding districts reasonably well? Then you may consider becoming an MRASA ride group leader. As a leader, you will be required to chose start and finish points for Sunday rides on a rotational basis with other ride leaders. You will lead the ride along your favourite route, planning stops at bakeries and ultimately stopping somewhere for lunch before returning home. It's a great way to share riding in the local and not so local area and enjoy some riding company, whilst having a lot of fun. If you are interested in being a ride leader or want to know a bit more about the job please contact the Secretary via the contacts page.
MRASA Archives
  Here are the links to archived articles on the MRASA website.
These have been indexed by the year of posting.

  We welcome all interested people to attend our General Meetings. See the Meetings page for more details. MRASA Committee & General Meetings are held at the hall of Motorcycling South Australia, 251 The Parade Beulah Park.

The mid-year General Meeting will be held in July 2022.



























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